Sometimes, standing among millions of ghuraba people can raise up our holy and strong spirit to awake this ummah. Wait till we meet in jama'ah and we will hit this universe with the holiest and super incredible new system for the new programme generation. Let's raise our hand and pray for our world.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ten Things We Waste

How much times that we had waste in our life?? 

Things that we waste:
  1. Our knowledge: Wasted by not taking action with it.
  2. Our Actions: Wasted by committing them without sincerity
  3. Our Wealth: Wasted by using on things that will not bring us ajr (reward from Allah). We waste our money, our status, our authority, on things which have no benefit in this life or in hereafter.
  4. Our Hearts: Wasted because they are empty from love of Allah, and the feeling of longing to go to Him, and a feeling of peace and contentment. In it's place, our hearts are filled with something or someone else.
  5. Our Bodies: Wasted because we don't use them in ibadah and service of Allah.
  6. Our Love: Our love emotional is misdirected, not towards Allah but towards something/someone else.
  7. Our Time: Wasted, not used properly , to compensate for that which has passed, by doing what is righteous to make up for past deeds.
  8. Our Intellect: Wasted on things that are not beneficial, that are detrimental to society and the individual, not in contemplation or reflection.
  9. Our Service: Wasted in service of someone who will not bring us closer to Allah, or benefit in this world.
  10. Our Zikr: Wasted, because it does not effect us or our hearts.

~For us to ponder...Let's refresh our iman. Islah nafsaka wad'u ghairuka!

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