Sometimes, standing among millions of ghuraba people can raise up our holy and strong spirit to awake this ummah. Wait till we meet in jama'ah and we will hit this universe with the holiest and super incredible new system for the new programme generation. Let's raise our hand and pray for our world.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

" Dream Country"

Tegakkan Islam dalam dirimu, nescaya akn t'tegak Islam di negaramu

Assalamualaikum to all of you.
Urm, its quite a long time I didn't using English in my daily life-writing, speaking, listening and even reading.
But then, I have to post something for this cute and lovely blog in English!
What to do? I can't refuse it as it is my responsibility although I know that my English is extremely bad!
I try to do my best, but if you can't understand the message that I'm trying to share, I'm really2 sorry!

Ok, back to the topic, I want to share something that I get from PROASISR Camp, that was held on 22-24 july 2011 at Yan.

One of the slot is "Negara Impian".
The question is, you are given RM 1,000,000,000.Wow, it's much! isn't it? Build up your country using this money and please state the budget for what you're going to do-for Ministry of education, ministry of health, etc2...its all up to you. Within 30 minutes, discuss in your group and present it in front of all participants.

During the presentation, all groups presents all their ideas well. Err, i'm quite nervous during the presentation as there are 'young men' + 'young ladies' in front of me^_^'

Well, these are some of the points of the presenters:
~give rewards (coupon)for those who doing the rights-even throw rubbish into the dustbin
~all students for higher education will be given scholarship
~enhance public transport system
~donation for needy people

All participants were please to ask questions to the presenters-soalan yg mmg mnguji minda & dikritik habis-habisan!

Lastly, after all presentation were done, facilitators (Bro Fadhli, Bro Siddiqi & Sis Nazihah)had concluded for what we have discussed. let's see:

*It's not easy to build up an Islamic country-but it is not impossible
*Our aim is to build a pious islamic community
*Sahabah2-They never ever experienced luxurious and comfort life with the Holy Prophet SAW but they managed to be such an idealistic generation that the world ever experienced. If we become the leader, do we just need to consider the comfort life for the public? What about the development of iman?

Lastly, a little but meaningful sharing from Sis Nazihah:
We want to build these things in our community:-
4)amal islami
5)menyahut seruan JIHAD

That's all for this post. Hope you gain benefits from this sharing=)
p/s:let's refresh iman & update fikrah!



Syafiqah 'Atiyah said...

salam rindu...
lama dah x dgr psl negara impian ni..
slalu jd aktiviti kump waktu kem, sampai dah x ingat dah brape kali kne bentang psl ni.rindu jgk saat kne hentam ngn fasi2 masa aktiviti ni...

15zikr crew said...

bila dh lma x bntang kt depan, jd nrvous sgt..
eye contact pn entah ke mana..
apa pn, byk tguran yg ktorng dapat.
bila wat aktvti mcm ni, blh tgk sejauh mna kfhmn fikrah yg ada dlm diri ni..


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