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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It brings back memories...

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful.

My dear friends, it’s the end of the month again. And it’s my turn to share something with the people I cherished -- each and every one of you who is the princesses of the 15th Generations of MATRI.

SO, for this entry, I think this is QUITE special, because I think I’m actually trying to share some of my own feelings. Maybe you’ll think that it’s normal, but, well… for me it’s not. You can say that it’s something rare for me to do :)


What is the most recent event that concerns all of us?

Ting ting ting!!!


It’s the annual PLM Gathering that was held on January 23rd at MATRI.
Now, who attended the anticipated gathering??
I’m sure some of us excitedly attended the gathering and pretty much enjoyed it, no?
Well, I didn’t go.
I repeat…
Don’t get me wrong, I’m neither getting angry nor in a bad mood. I’m simply stating the facts.

I was casually viewing the ‿♡ 15th Generation (SAHIBAH MATRI) ‿♡ group on Facebook, and there were some pictures uploaded by those who went to the PLM Gathering recently.

You guys ate together sharing a single talam, in the Dining Hall that left us with lots of unforgettable memories…
And I remembered that it’s been a long time since I ate like that too.

You guys took pictures in the beloved musolla
And I suddenly missed the place that taught all of us lots of things. There we all sat and recited the Quran every night after the Maghrib prayer, we sat for Hafazan session every Thursday evening, and we listened for the weekly Tazkirah delivered by the male students a.k.a Sahabat/Putera.

It really brought back memories, and I would say I could even go all teary just by simply looking at the pictures of you guys.
What I really wanted to say is that I really wish I was there, HONESTLY.
It wasn’t my intention not to be there during the gathering. I have reasons that made me unable to go.
I wish I can be with you guys, and enjoy as much as all of you did.
I also wish that everyone was there, not just some of us.
I pray that all of us will be friends forever, for God’s sake Insha Allah, no matter how far we’re separated.
I love you guys, from the bottom of my heart.

May our friendship be in the name of Allah and blessed always...

A little bit of my thoughts…

Sometimes I thought to myself…Why didn’t I join the JDK? Why didn’t I join the KIBAR at MATRI after SPM? Why didn’t I join the PLM Gathering? Why didn’t I join the programs that HALUAN held?

There were always reasons that made me unable to attend most of the programs..Honestly, I’m really sad. But I try to accept it, redha…I know that there’s a reasons behind everything that happens. I know that Allah knows best. I try to console myself, even though it’s hard to accept. I can only keep my sad feelings to myself. I really, really miss all of you.

p/s: sorry for the late post...


Falha IbTisam said...

seronok baca entry fatinah...insyaallah..satu hari nanti pasti Allah akan datang kan peluang itu..hurm..ana pun rindukan anti juga..^^

Fatinah Sabri said...

rindu sgt2 kat semua sahibah2...bila tgk video yg aliya buat rasa sebak sgt.rindu tp x berpeluang nak jmp untuk lepaskan rindu.. :'(

a.r.d. said...

fatinah, we didnt hv kibar but we did hv khassah after SPM! hehe ...

~nurizbah~ said...

semuanya ada hikmah tersendiri...zati pon byk x join progrm yg dianjurkan semasa kat usim... depressed when nobody notices that i not got any messages about the programme however it doesn't meant that i'll run from it...mybe HIM know the best for me...


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