Sometimes, standing among millions of ghuraba people can raise up our holy and strong spirit to awake this ummah. Wait till we meet in jama'ah and we will hit this universe with the holiest and super incredible new system for the new programme generation. Let's raise our hand and pray for our world.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Starting from 2012, the title of being THE STUDENT OF MATRI was not belongs to me anymore and now I'm ex. I'm started my new life as a teacher at SeRU Hilal in Kelantan near-10 minutes to KTD where were my friends studied there. But I became a babysiter at Hadhonah Hilal (near to our house) before entered to school in Feb.

Me as babysitter, ( January )
Fuhh ~ (sighed) we (me, iffah and syafikha) had to take care 15 kids-10 for 3years-old above kids ,and 5 babies. We concerentared on the 10-kids. At the first met, they didn't like to talk to us or play or even smile. For them, we were strangers. For us, they were our sister-brother alike. Their activites were played, drinked milk, watched tv and fighted together too. It was kind of bored because we couldn't do anything but watched and taking care of them. If they fighted, we needed to make them salam each other and say sorry. They played happily but after a couples of mins,they fighted . Fuhh ~

Alif and Anis <3

At 1 pm , it was their bedtime, but the kids still had enourmous energy to play or do their activites. So we had to catch them, put them on bed and make them bok bok and sang selawat. Some of them didn't wanna, some of them were easy to sleep . Fuhh ~ again . After they all slept, so we could take a rest, solat zuhur and had a lunch and we always did those thing at 2 pm above.

At 4pm, they woke up. Their parents came to fetch them back home. We did have a chance to know their parents look and talk with them. Making some ukhwah you know . hehe .

Me as a teacher, ( February )
I learned one word - SACRIFIED while being a teacher. Teacher is a sarified work if you wanna know and it isn't easy as ABC ! I really meant it ! All day long, they have to face many behaves of the students, and the students ain't same as we thought ! As a viewer, they have 30 periods in one week, 1 period equal to 30mins and that means 30 x 30 = 900 mins = 15 hour per week ! I was quite suprised after knew that, well me - 15 periods only = 7 hour 30 mins, ahalf of them but quite exhausted ( well I'm newbiee and didn't have any experinces). Even it was sort of exhausted but i likee it ! Enjoy and happy~ That's right!

Oppss ... i have to stop now ~ Just think about my story what will I tell yaa ~

to be continued ....

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