Sometimes, standing among millions of ghuraba people can raise up our holy and strong spirit to awake this ummah. Wait till we meet in jama'ah and we will hit this universe with the holiest and super incredible new system for the new programme generation. Let's raise our hand and pray for our world.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

He Knows What He's Doing

In the name Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful…
Peace and blessings be upon our Rasul Muhammad SAW, his pure family and all his noble sahabat.

In a world that surrounds us, we sometimes brake down and fall. We try to fight in this world that always seems to fight back. At times we’ll lose. We’ll cry and feel disappointed. But remember this… Even when life is going too hard or even when it looks like there’s no way to find the light, no matter how your life drops you and makes you feel weak, don’t feel so depressed cuz there must be a reason why it happen.

Sometimes things happen to us at the time that may seem horrible, painful and unfair. But someday we’ll realize without overcoming those obstacles we face, we would never notice our potential and strength that Allah gives to us. Everybody knows that everything happen for a reason right? Nothing in this world happen by chance. Allah has a plan for everything He does.

I’ve found these words that are really moving and make my eyes open. So I’d really like to share it with you guys too…

-        -  If you fell that you’re very down, just close your eyes and say, “This is my journey, He puts me here. It’s His plan. So I just have to carry on and trust Him.”

Yes. That’s it... JUST CARRY ON AND TRUST HIM!!! He knows what his doing. Things are not always as they seem. Sometimes life just goes the way we don’t want it to. But that’s how life truly is. It makes you suffer but that is the only way to prove you are strong.
So let’s not feel so disappointed or regretted. We only should be grateful for what He gives because Allah knows what He’s doing for us. He has a plan and He would make our lives happy with his plan. :)


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