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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Especially for tamhidians, friends at matriculation, (wish all of you best of luck for coming examination) and all my beloved friends..

In our life, there are a lot of things happen. Some will make us happy and others are not. Life is like a wheel. We are not always at the top. Sometimes we are at the bottom. Even so, we need to face the challenges. Never give up. But, most people are failed to do so. Then, ‘If what you desire does not happen then desire that which does.’ I just want to write back what I had got from the book, ‘Enjoy your life’(Dr Muhammad Abd Al-Rahman Al-‘Arifi). Hope all of us would get some benefits from this post.

The world is not always as we wish it to be. So, just continue and enjoy your life. If you are obliged to do something or forced into a situation then you might as well as enjoy it!

1) There was a young man who had diabetes. He used to drink tea without sugar and felt sorry for himself. Ask him if he felt sorry and sad while drinking, does the bitterness turn into sweetness?

2) Perhaps your car is old, its air conditioner is not working and the seat covers are all torn. At present you are not able to replace the car. So long as you are bound by this situation, just continue to Enjoy your life.

3) You apply a seat in a particular department in the university, but your application is only accepted by a department in which you don’t want to study. You try to change your predicament, but you cannot. You end up having to study for 3 years in a department what was not your choice. What should you do? Enjoy!

4) You propose to a girl but she refuses and marries someone else. What is the solution? This situation that cannot be changed so just enjoy it!

Many people think the solution is permanent depression or grumbling over the situation or excessive complaining to those they know and those they don’t! This does’t help them acquire the provision they have missed out on or gain provision that is not meant for them. So what then is the solution? If what you desire does’t happen, then desire that which has happened. The intelligent person is the one who readjusts himself in accordance with his situation.

Live your life as there is no time to grieve. Deal with what you have in front of you. Take our prophet’s life as guideline then you’ll enjoy your life.

Once, the prophet went out with his companions on an expedition where the food supply became scarce and they became tired. He ordered them to gather whatever food they had and laid down his cloak. A man would come with a date or two, or piece of bread and leave it on the cloak. When all the food was collected on the cloak they enjoyable ate. Perhaps none of them ate his fill, but at least they staved their hunger. One can be generous with what he actually has.

A general view…
Not everything a man desire he achieves. Often the winds blow in unfavourable directions for the ship.


Anonymous said...

Masha Allah..I'm touched! Ya muqallibal qulub, thabbit qulubana 'ala deenik wa 'ala to'atik

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